Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Big Blog Sale

I've done it! It's gone live!

It took longer than I expected-mainly because I forgot I'd have to clean everything before photographing- but my first blog sale has gone live, featuring little gems like this...

At the moment it's a mix of unused, barely used and unwanted make-up, but I plan to constantly update it so eventually there will be jewellery, clothes, shoes and the rest.

Apart from the photos (which are always a nightmare to edit and resize on my phone) it was actually way simpler than I'd been expecting, which is always a bonus. So rest assured I'll be updating all the time!

Please take a look, just click the "Blog Sale" tab below the header at the top of the home page. (Some of you will be cursing my almost patronising instructions, BUT a lot of lovely ladies from my family are just getting into the world of blogs for the first time, so for now the instructions will be staying!)

Thanks for reading and I hope you find something you want/need/love!

Katy x

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