Monday 13 January 2014

Prairie Charms Mystery Box Review

It arrived. My mystery box from Prairie Charms. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, having never bought from them before so I didn't have too high expectations. I'll be very honest in this review, but not mean as I'm having a good day!

The parcel itself was cute. Shiny and bright pink, right up my street. Anything that's not packaged in a Jiffy bag excites me, so that was a good start.

I opened the parcel and there were 4 individually wrapped items inside. I like this, it shows care, adds to the excitement and stops the items getting damaged in the post.

The fist item was a thin black headband with a bright pink glittery bow on it. 
It's well made and the bow is big enough to be seen and is really well attached so that's no problem. I'm going to have to keep trying it on in different ways to make my mind up fully, but admittedly it's not really my style. I do know a little girl who will absolutely love it though, so no problems there.

The next item was an odd one. I'm either missing the point, or it really is a bit of a disappointment.
To me it seems to be some black and purple elastic, tied in a knot, to be used as bobbles. I won't scoff at them, because who doesn't need extra bobbles, but had I paid more than £5 for the box, I'd be quite annoyed. Someone please tell me if I am missing something... A nice lady from Prairie Charms has contacted me to let me know that these are a 'thing' that haven't taken off in the UK yet. They're supposed to stop that tell-tale bobble kink. So now I know, I will can let you know if they work.

Next up was this clip in fabric bow
This is more me, and definately wearable. It's a slightly odd shape (bottom pic), but I'm pretty sure that's just because it's so sturdy and well made, and it will 'drop' a little over time. I love the colour and size, so this is a winner for me.

The final item is my favourite. It's grown on me so much that I keep just putting it on for no reason...
It's a vintage floral pattern tie headband. The knot does come undone, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is! I've bought too many of these that I've had to hack at just to fit them on my big swede (head). So that was a good start. The headband has some kind of form to it, rather than just being a thin piece of fabric. This means you can almost mold it to get a better fit without having to tie it so tight you stop your circulation. The fabric is very me too, I would have definately bought this on its own.

So that was my Prairie Charms mystery box. It cost £5 and was supposed to contain items to the value of £30+ although I would have been upset if I had paid £30. (I should check the prices on the website I suppose (I just had a look, and the items did total £30+, I understand that hand-made items costs more as I do stalls myself, however the plain knot bobbles cost £7.50 I am rather shocked.) Saying that, the items are great quality, really well made! The lady who processed my order was also extremely lovely, and I have only positive things to say about Prairie Charms as a business. I think it's just a matter of taste regarding what was in my box, and it was definitely worth what I paid for it.
I'll definately buy from them again, but only picking out individual items I think.
If you want to check them out- I think you should- then you can do here.
What do you think? Am I being harsh? I hope not...
Katy x


  1. Hey Katy, I pretty much agree with you here - I had some standout gorgeous picks and also was completely dumbfounded by some elastic ties that I also received. I'll be putting my review up ASAP and will be sure to link it to you!
    - Ebony xo

    1. I'm glad we were on the same wavelength re: the knotted bobble things.
      Can't wait to read about your mystery box, and see what you got. Hope I'm not too jealous!
      Thanks for commenting.
      Katy x

  2. Same, the headband is my favourite in my "box", and I end up putting it on randomly too... haha. The elastic tie is a bit random, but at least you got it as something extra on top of the three items, but I doubt anyone would pay for the full price of it.

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

    1. Yeah, I suppose you're right about the ties.
      I might get a couple more headbands, I really like it!
      Thank you for your comment!
      Katy x