Sunday 19 January 2014

Playing Makeup (for no particular reason)

Arghhh, I HATE Sundays!
I'm not being dramatic, I do hate them. I think its my nervey sub-conscience preparing me for the fight or flight of a Monday morning. Whatever the reason, I am normally miserable and bad tempered most Sundays, and often still in bed come lunchtime.
Today was no different, I couldn't shake the impending (sense of)doom. I watched baking programmes AND nature/travel docs (my fave) all morning to no avail. So I decided I'd get up and crack on with a beef and chorizo stew for tea, and then play my favourite game until my face couldn't hack it anymore...
This is me... Fresh(!?) and makeup-less
I hope you enjoyed the leopard/granny scarf combo. It's a look I think works best on a rainy Sunday.

And then this, well this is an overly dramatic version of my favoured "night-time" look.
The major black shadow is one of my favourite products at the moment. It came in a recent Glossybox and I love it. Its so pigmented (black) and for such a dark shade it makes surprisingly little mess. You know the dust that goes all over your cheeks, right where you'd put highlighter, well this doesn't do that. It is this (no, I don't know either) The lipstick, strictly speaking is SEVENTEEN Stay Pout in Rule Breaker, however I lined my lips with a cheap black eyeliner and smudged it inwards before applying the lipstick, and then highlighted the chubby bits (I should know the name for these) with a gold powder.

My little piggy eyes ended up looking quite smokey! I would do this for real life, but without the lips. Unless I suddenly find myself on a red carpet or the likes... and the same for the lips, but without the eyes.

This was just for fun. Believe it or not I don't own a black lippy (yet) however I have a purple one on the way. I used the same black eyeshadow and liner as above to colour my lips in, and again highlighted with the gold. My eyes (bless them) had taken a bit of a pasting in round one, so I just lined my top lid thickly with the wondrously silky Soap and Glory black Smoulder Kohl.
I like it! I may pull it out for a fancy dress party (someone please have one)!?

Ahhh, my humble little pouters have had quite the afternoon.

Let me know what you think, I wont be offended, honest!

Katy x


  1. The red and black lips look amazing! :)

    Frankie x

  2. Thanks Frankie, I love them too!
    Katy x

  3. Love this! Your smokey eye is amazing! I always end up looking like a panda!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. Thank you Jenn, I try ;p
      And I'm sure you couldn't look like a panda if you tried!
      Katy x