Wednesday 15 January 2014

Lumps, Bumps and Boobies- BigCupLittleCup Lumps & Bumps Series

I don't know if this is a Done Thing in blogging, but I don't care to be honest, I am doing it anyway...
A blog post about a blog post.

My real life friends Sian and Charley over at bigcuplittlecup have just started a really important and informative post series about lumps and bumps in your boobies.

Sian and Charley

The thing is, we all know what to do if we find a lump- some of you will have already- but you never really hear about what happens next. Wonderful Charley unfortunately has some experience in this field, and after a few quick Google searches she realised that most of what is out there on the net is forum after forum of terrifying scare mongering. So, being the babe she is, she has put together this post for all of us young (and maybe some not so young) ladies.

Not only is it a helpful and touching story, she has a fantastically honest writing style and I challenge you to read it without feeling a twinge of sadness for her.

Good luck with your op Charley!!

Katy x

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