Monday 30 December 2013

Studio__88 Parcel

What a wonderful morning.
I was awoken with a coffee and a parcel by my lovely boyfriend. It doesn't really get much better than that in my books, except maybe if there was bacon involved too.

You've probably guessed what the parcel was. My lovely delivery from
I ordered the gorgeous white Geode ring on Friday (details in a previous post) and it came already! If that's not good service then I don't know what is.

Not only is the ring just up my street, but it's bigger than I expected which is always a good thing, and actually more sparkly too! It's such a statement piece that I'll probably wear it on a chain too, as a necklace. Dramatic!

I knew that the lovely people at Studio_88 were sending me a lucky dip item too, but I was chuffed to open it and see that there were actually FOUR extra items. 

The bow ring, and the earrings are really cute, maybe a little daintier than I normally go for, but there's a lot to be said for understated accessories as I'm starting to learn. My boyfriend loves a bow (bless him) so I'm sure it'll get plenty of outings. 
I was hoping to wear the bracelet as an anklet- I used to think I was quite the surfer girl in my early teens, Roxy boardshorts and all, despite being petrified of the sea- but that was a no-go with these badass ankles. So I've decided I like the hippy vibe, and will rock it as an everyday bracelet, promoting peace and love...

The final item was instantly destined to be given to my boyfriends sister. The silver Peace chain is so her! She has a quirky dress sense and I'm sure she owns some peace sign leggings, so she'll be thrilled with it.

Thank you Studio__88, I'm one happy girl!

Bread and Beauty X

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