Sunday 9 March 2014

Review: TAJ Foods Aloe Vera Juice

I love a fruit juice, smoothie or shake. There's a lot to be said for a zingy refreshing drink on a sunny day... and as I peeled back the curtains this morning and was met with the warm air that had been gathering like a cloud behind the window, I thought Yes, today is the day!

A while ago I was asked to review an Aloe Vera based drink from TAJ Foods, and they have been nestled nicely in the fridge until today. I received a 500ml bottle of Original Aloe Vera flavour and a 500ml bottle of  Strawberry flavour.

I must admit that the pulp floating around didn't look too appealing to me, and I was really hoping I couldn't feel it in my throat. It's in little squares, and is very slimy, and in fact it keep straining through my teeth so that I was left with a mouthful. Not too keen, but better than I expected.

The original flavour was my favourite, although it was definately too sweet for my taste. It was much more fruity than I imagined, I think I was expecting it to taste green if that makes sense?! It's very smooth and would probably be great on holiday of your partial to a sweet drink by the pool. Overall too sweet for me, but my boyfriend really enjoyed it and would have it again, comparing it to "tiny fruit cocktail in a drink".

The strawberry flavour was even sweeter still, and it reminded me of a melted strawberry ice lolly. It was a true strawberry flavour, however just so so sweet and sickly. My notoriously sweet-toothed boyfriend couldn't even manage it.

Both flavours claim to contain 46% of Aloe Vera (30% June and 16% pulp) and to contain low sugar, to aid digestion, boost immunity and energize. Obviously I can't review these claims on the strength of 2 bottles, but I certainly didn't feel any worse for having drank it.

Just click here to view the full selection of aloe vera juices. All of which contain the 46% of Aloe Vera. It should be noted that these juices aren't suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women, as well as children under 3.

You can view the rest of the TAJ Foods website here. They offer a large range of  "Ethnic Foods" on their website, and supply a huge number of supermarkets and independent retailers. I'm pretty sure you'll find something new that you're desperate to try, and even though the juices weren't to my taste, there's plenty of other items I can't wait to try!

Katy x

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