Monday, 30 December 2013

The First (of many) Giveaway!

If you follow me on twitter-you should, I'm an addict- then you'll have seen chat about a GIVEAWAY!

There are no rules as such, you just need to be from the UK, and follow me via Bloglovin which you can do by pressing here!. When I have 25 of you lovely lot following, I will pick one of your names out of a hat (I will literally use a hat, I'm not quite ready for those techno rafflecopter?! things) and whoever it is will get their hands on these little beauties, which I will post to you...
There will be... 
mudd Original Mask 10ml
MeMeMe Cherub's Blush Cheek & Lip Tint 12ml
A Set of 3 Vichy IDEALIA Serums 9ml
James Brown Effortless Hold Hairspray Handbag Size 50ml
Seche Nail Lacquer in Not Easily Swept Away (lilac pastel) 14ml
Benefit the POREfessional 7.5mg

I hope that excites you all! Please feel free to spread the word via Facebook, twitter and any othe crafty ways you may know of.

Fingers crossed for you all!

Bread and Beauty X

Studio__88 Parcel

What a wonderful morning.
I was awoken with a coffee and a parcel by my lovely boyfriend. It doesn't really get much better than that in my books, except maybe if there was bacon involved too.

You've probably guessed what the parcel was. My lovely delivery from
I ordered the gorgeous white Geode ring on Friday (details in a previous post) and it came already! If that's not good service then I don't know what is.

Not only is the ring just up my street, but it's bigger than I expected which is always a good thing, and actually more sparkly too! It's such a statement piece that I'll probably wear it on a chain too, as a necklace. Dramatic!

I knew that the lovely people at Studio_88 were sending me a lucky dip item too, but I was chuffed to open it and see that there were actually FOUR extra items. 

The bow ring, and the earrings are really cute, maybe a little daintier than I normally go for, but there's a lot to be said for understated accessories as I'm starting to learn. My boyfriend loves a bow (bless him) so I'm sure it'll get plenty of outings. 
I was hoping to wear the bracelet as an anklet- I used to think I was quite the surfer girl in my early teens, Roxy boardshorts and all, despite being petrified of the sea- but that was a no-go with these badass ankles. So I've decided I like the hippy vibe, and will rock it as an everyday bracelet, promoting peace and love...

The final item was instantly destined to be given to my boyfriends sister. The silver Peace chain is so her! She has a quirky dress sense and I'm sure she owns some peace sign leggings, so she'll be thrilled with it.

Thank you Studio__88, I'm one happy girl!

Bread and Beauty X

Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Years Resolution- With a Twist!

News flash, I have a New Years resolution for the first time in about six years! I'd love to thank a newly motivated version of my laze arse self, but that would be lying. Praise goes to the beautifully witty Ebony over at ELN Fashion, and her fab New Years idea.

Rather than grind your already deflated January self (or possibly inflated depending how much Christmas grub you enjoyed like me) through more mental turmoil by banning yourself from things you enjoy, or promising to do more stuff you hate. Why not consciously praise yourself for 5-10 things you really like about yourself. Other than that, the rules are up to you, except we want to hear about them!

I'll be struggling for ten, but here goes...
1. I'm tall, I always have been, and I presume I always will be, so I'm going to embrace it! I'm going to buy more heels- and wear them. I'll stand tall and not slouch like a grumpy teen, because I know lots of people who'd like to be able to reach the biscuits in the top cupboard without a Yellow Pages or two.

2. I have curves, and I have many a lumpy bit. I get chub rolls and I sometimes wear Bridget Jones knickers. But in the same breath I love food, like really love it. So, I'm going to strive to be as happy with my lumpy bits as I am with a bacon and egg roll.

3. You know the friend in films who's sometimes a bit inappropriate, a bit loud and opinionated. I think that may be me. But the thing is, I don't set out to be like that, it just kind of happens that if I have an opinion then I'll probably share it. If people don't like that, I am genuinely sorry, but it's just me, and I'm happy with me.

4. If I'm having a good hair/make-up day, then I'm going to celebrate it. It's not everyday it happens, so why play it down. We all appreciate people have off-days when they just feel Urghh, well I'm proposing on-days, where you feel a million dollars an that's okay!

5. My eyes. I like them. I haven't quite put my finger on why yet, but I just do. Granted, only with make up, but they're really not that bad. I shall flash and flutter them all year long in appreciation.

6. Will be to think of another five positives throughout the year. Everything in life is better when your happy, so let's strive for that rather than the un-obtainable!

So there we have it. My 5 (6) New Years resolutions for a more positive and happy year. If you fancy joining in, please tweet Ebony @ebzo or myself  @breadandbeautyx Or leave a comment below.

Bread and Beauty X


I realise this is off topic, but quite frankly I don't care because it's worth it as your about to find out...

So today I was going to go a post about the giveaway when I reach 25 follows on Bloglovin. You know, tell you all about the fab goodies that one of you lucky lot will receive. However as I lay in bed pondering where to start, I had a phone call from my middle sister who was quite adamant I "COME ROUND RIGHT NOW, YOU'LL LOVE THIS". I wasn't quite so enthusiastic from under my duvet, with major bags and bed hair, hence saying no (so I'm a bit stubborn, meh?!) But then after a quick oggle at Facebook something caught my eye...

That's right, you've guessed it. Five beautiful, fluffy little puppies were currently snuggled down on my quite heavily pregnant sister and I couldn't resist. A swipe of the trusty Regulars (see previous post) hair in a bobble and yesterday's clothes on I bounded to my sisters and this is what greeted me
Awww, what a cute little fella! He doesn't have a name, he's just puppy, but he's one of the cutest little things I ever did see.
I think this is the same one, but there are 5 all together (eeek!) and 2 are identical.

We had a major snuggle, he fell asleep on my belly for a while, woke up and then wee'd on me. Guess what, I still want one!

The giveaway will be up soon, but until then please leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

Bread and Beauty x

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Make Up- The Regulars

Okay, so I say regulars, what I mean is the products I am using daily at the moment.

Below is a before and after, including the magic products which make it possible...

Body Shop- Vitamin E Moisture Cream
I admit this was a freebie, however so far it seems to be the perfect day to day cream for my odd sometimes spotty complexion. It's light and glides on well, but really softens the skin. It says it's for all skin types, so I suppose it's fairly universal.

MONU- Illuminating Primer
I don't always use this, however it is a lovely primer for winter because it gives a really fresh and dewy glow under my foundation. I got it in a Glossybox, and have a few more to try once I've finished this, so I'm not 100% sure yet that I'll buy it again.

Seventeen- CC Cream in Medium
I really like this, I bought some more yesterday and I don't even think I'm near finishing this one! I do like a full coverage foundation. It's what I'm used to and I make no apologies. I've found this CC cream to be a perfect daytime foundation- it's full coverage, without being mask like, and glides on really well. Sometimes it's perfect just as it is, and on days when I feel a bit... Gross, I add in the next step.

Avon Colour Trend- Pressed Powder in Translucent Tan
I've been using this for a while, in summer on its own, and for a fuller face I apply over my liquid/cream foundation. It's cheap and seems to last for a good while- always a bonus in my book, what with living in blooming Narnia!

Maybelline- Dream Sun bronzed in 01 Blonde and/or Natural Collections-Blushed Cheeks in Sweet Cheeks
I like the colour, warm and not orange, and it pleases me hugely every time I mange to find a glitter-less bronzer. By the way, I use the same bareMinerals Full Flawless Face brush for this and the pressed powder. My boyfriends hates the tissues I leave lying about after cleaning my brush!

On my day to day eyes I use Soap and Glory- Smoulder Kohl in Superblack, Rimmel- Extra WOW Lash in 003 Extreme Black and my brand spanking new Seventeen- Brow's that! Brow Kit. I plan to do an eyes post soon, so I'll talk more about those products then.

Please comment below with your favourite primers, or anything else you think I should try! 
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Merry MakeUp-ing,

Bread and Beauty X

Prairie Charms Project Blogger

I really am a lucky girl!
The lovely people at Prairie Charms have chosen me for the #PrairieXmas Project Blogger!

For those of you still in the hazy festive blur, the project is an amazing opportunity for bbloggers/fbloggers to receive a mystery box full of Prairie Charm goodies, for a crazy price.
Not only that, but three of the bloggers will also get the chance to collaborate on a special blog series on style trends of 2014, ending with the chance to design a limited edition accessory.

Now I don't know about you, but that has me seriously excited and I cannot wait to receive my box. You'll be the first to know when it arrives, don't worry.

Bread and Beauty X

Friday, 27 December 2013

Studio 88 Jewellery

I have just bought this gorgeous ring! 
You'll soon see that I don't have a particular style when it comes to fashion. I like anything a bit quirky, and whilst trawling twitter I found the lovely @Studio__88 
The ring was £5 with free P&P plus a lucky dip item too, so I'm chuffed (that's maybe my northern-ness comin through) I found them this evening. 

I'll update you when it arrives, but until then have a snoop at their twitter @Studio__88 (yes, that's 2 underscores) or shop

Bread and Beauty X

A Festive Welcome

Well, hello and Merry Christmas!
I'm Katy and this is Bread and Beauty X.

Bread- I love food. I really do. Eating it, making it, researching it and then eating some more. I have adventurous days and old faves, culinary triumphs and major fails. This is them, in bite size chunks, for your reading pleasure.

Beauty- Now this is the fun bit, because I really am no expert, but I'm experienced and a little bit of a magpie when it comes to make-up. If it's the right price I'll buy it (and then maybe never use it). So what I plan to do, is slowly raid my make-up bag (and basket... And drawer) and review the items. I'm signed up to Glossybox too, so there will always be new products.

If you aren't already hooked, there'll be the odd crafty post and if I'm particularly pleased with what I'm wearing one day, then maybe some outfit posts too!

Made these Hanging Christmas biscuits yesterday, I love  how they look, but I don't recon they'll be good for eating by the time the tree comes down.

Jeez, spoiling you already...

Bread and Beauty X

p.s  I'm already regretting that "X" but we'll see how it goes.